Our Community Support programmes include, but are not limited to;

Recreational Leisure Activities
Pay-as-you-play, fully accessible, inclusive recreational sport sessions.
We provide for all ages, all abilities; from netball and basketball through football and cricket, to swimming, sailing, dance and more.
Our qualified and accredited session leaders provide sessions that are all about fun, meeting new friends, communication and teamwork.
For youngsters, our sessions focus on our Project Connect ABC
- Agility
- Balance
- CoOrdination

Mental Health
Mental Health matters, it is not a stigma and it is nothing to be ashamed, frightened of or ridiculed.
Whether through sporting sessions, 1-2-1 counselling or group activities, we will leave nobody on the sidelines.

Food / Clothing Bank
There are not many people who have not found themselves going through dire straits at some time in their lives.
We will always seek to provide support, working with other community partners inclusively, to help wherever we can; and if we can't we will always look to signpost onto those best qualified to do so

Legal Advice
(particularly, domestic, employment, civil rights, financial)
Access to legal advice can often be complicated, expensive and intimidating. 
Our own qualified staff and volunteers are available for you and your family, and where greater legal expertise is needed, we will work with approved specialists to help you through your journey