Project Connect is fully inclusive. There are no boundaries to exclusion, their is no discrimination on any grounds.

There can be no COMMUNITY without UNITY

We all have a right to be heard.
We all have a right to be included.
We all have a right to participate.

There is one race; the human race
The world is a kaleidoscope of colour, and it is better for it that way
There is no right way to live life, there are many roads that we take, each one of equal value.
There is no disability or disabling restrictions. We are all different, so we each have DIF-Ability, and we all have the right to enabling choices, communication and participation

Project Connect are committed to inclusion, rooted in seven principles.

Our Inclusion Charter states that we will at all times use our best endeavours to ensure the following principles of inclusion;

Access - all sessions and programmes are accessible to all

Attitude - wanting to be inclusive and actually being inclusive are very different things. Going the extra mile to being inclusive means having the right attitude

Choice - your choice, not ours. We will always listen to what is wanted

Communication - is two way; listen and speak. When we all begin to listen to what is around us, we begin to understand, and then our talk becomes rooted in community, not in ourselves.

Opportunities - takes choice one stage further. We want people to not only have a choice of participation, but the opportunity to participate, without fear or prejudice.

Partnerships - not just working together, but working effectively together, collaboratively with joint initiatives, understanding and objectives

Policy - Inclusion is not just a set of words, it is our commitment and policy, and we are continually accountable to our community for making sure that we are at all times delivering on our policy.