Connect With: is our collaborative community programme, bringing the opportunities of Trailblazers and Choices not only to like minded people and focused community groups, but bringing together to provide a collective and unified voice.

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At the going down of the sun, we shall remember them....

Hampshire based Project 71 is run by volunteers to support military veterans and their families, especially those who served during World War II.

Their achievements include: 

  • Unblocking the system and ensuring the Veterans Legion d'Honneur was rightly awarded to them
  • Arranged a dinner for British, US Veterans and their families at Southwick House for the 75th anniversary of D Day
  • Supplied food packs throughout the Covid-19 pandemic to veterans
  • Make home and hospital visits and do shopping where veterans are alone
  • Arrange trips to Europe to pay respects to the fallen.
  • Annual reunion for veterans and their families
  • Rolling out iPads and training to keep families in touch
  • Provide mobility scooters for retained independence.
  • Honoured the fallen with a bench on the banks of the Rijn and a plaque at the Zig Canal in the Netherlands

Project 71: 


One Eighty is designed to be a vehicle that houses a directory of free and low cost activities and things for young people to do, targeted predominately at 8-15 year olds but can host activities for 15+ too.

The site has been designed with Youth Commission members, who have told us they want to be able to filter by area and activity, and to have as much detail as possible, for example how to get there and what to expect.

One Eighty helps you find your activity, event, course, group, or just a place to hang out, where and when you want it. Use the app to find something you're interested in, find out if it costs anything (we've got lots of free stuff), and how easy it is to get there. And then just go. 


In conjunction and association with the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner for Hampshire, the Youth Commission is a brilliant opportunity for all young people to gain new knowledge, skills and experiences, and have their say on crime and policing issues that matter most to them.

The Youth Commission enables young people aged 14-25 to support, challenge and voice young people's opinions from all across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, to help shape decisions about policing and crime.

For More Details: 


The Strategic Youth Independent Advisory Group (YIAG) is an Office for the Police & Crime Commissioner for Hampshire project.

This voluntary group is made up of young people who are independent from the police.

It meets six times a year, to review and challenge policing practices in a constructive way. This helps improve the police service to the public. 


An online support and resource community based in Hampshire, where Dads (of all shapes, sizes, experience) can get support, advice and recommendations. It's also the place to ask questions of one another......especially those that we Dads don't want to ask of our significant others!

Founder, Gavin, explains; "Starting parenting was one of the most rewarding and terrifying moments in my life. I had so many questions, wanted to learn, share experiences. I am so excited to be on this journey."

All Project Connect programmes, whether that be recreational sport through Trailblazers ( or the support and advice services of Choices ( are available to Top Dad members, and with every participant in the recreational activities, we will give £1 per person per session back to Top Dad to help support Top Dad projects.